Your physical state has great impact on a successful diet

If you don’t like the accumulated fat around your waist and haven’t taken an initiative yet, it is time to pay attention on how do you feel every day. Are you always sad and apathetic? Ask for your friend help or seek medical attention. The results won’t wait to appear.

Avoid doing this! How not to succeed in a weight loss diet

There are many way you can sabotage your own weight loss procedure. Diets are never easy to follow, everybody is fully aware of this fact, but some issues must be avoided if you want to reach your goal. Let’s analyze a few of them together.

You follow a too strict diet – if your diet is based on one particular nutrient group or nutrient, it will be very difficult to follow for a long term. Ask anyone who tried the grapefruit or cabbage soup diet… Also extremely low calorie diets or the ones with senseless restrictions have no future at all in succeeding on long term.

Reducing the calories too low – the key to a successful diet is the balanced reduction of the taken in calories and the burned ones trough physical activity. If you rush in and cut the calorie amount drastically, your body will react as being on starvation (in fact this is what’re doing) and will modify its metabolism by accumulating all incoming nutrients. The results are not what you’ve been expected.

Trying to solve a problem on your own – there comes a point when we all need to discuss all emerged problems during a weight loss procedure. Besides a doctor, a health care specialist or a coach, advice from people who are sharing the same experience is good. Whether in real life or by forums, you can exchange opinions, seek for advice, get encouragement. With the proper support you will pass trough obstacles more easily.

You can’t handle the abuse of aliments consumption due to a difficult emotional state – regardless to the fat surplus you want to get rid of, it is extremely important to control you state of mind. If you have a labile physical state, you might seek professional aid, helping you to overcome your emotions. Several people eat whether they are hungry or not to compensate negative emotions such as depression and fear of failing. These feeling usually appear self provoked due to loneliness, unwanted events, break-ups, failures, dissatisfaction. Try to find pleasing activities like walking in fresh air, meeting friends (avoid fast-foods), practicing sports.

You tend to skip breakfast – please note, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have a rich breakfast you will be able to control hunger during the day, which usually results in food abuse. All those who don’t have breakfast, in fact skip lunch too, consume more food in the evening that they would normally during the whole day – based on a latest study.

You’ve set false goals – avoid targeting impossible goals which never lead to a successful finish. Settle for running 10 miles a day is in vain if you hardly move to the street corner (if not for buying a mayonnaise kebab). Start with walking a lot, climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, have 1-2 workouts/week. Raise the frequency and intensity of your activity staggered.

Weigh yourself daily – with this move you’ve cut all chances of a successful weight loss. You don’t experience weight modificationsfrom one day to another. A slight change of 500g-1kg is nothing more than water, consumed food or clothing. Weigh yourself once a week if not seldom, preferably at the same time dressed alike.

You make too much physical effort at once – in case you overreact, you lead yourself to exhaustion and possibly you’ll suffer injuries. By this you reduce practicing sessions and miss the

Ban all your favorite foods – and you made yourself the best trap you can fall into. Sooner or later you’ll drop the diet and abuse from the banned food to compensate for the “lost” time. From time to time indulge yourself with pleasant foods – even if it doesn’t fit in.

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