Why is water important for weight loss?

People who are on weight loss programs should drink more water then normal, as it aids in your programs weight loss in many ways. One of the main reasons to take more water is to avoid dehydration. During the initial period of weight loss programs you will be losing weight only due to loss of water. Hence there is chance for dehydration. To avoid this you have to drink plenty of water. If dehydration happens you get tired due to lack of oxygen supply to your muscles, which are caused as a result of lack of blood volume supply.

Weight loss occurs due to burning of your fat into calories as energy. This process requires sufficient quantity of water to function efficiently. When you burn calories in your body some toxins are created due to burning. These toxins are efficiently removed by water. Hence there is a need to drink more water during your weight loss programs. Any weight loss programs include diet with fiber content. This fiber content is easily digested in your digestive system only with sufficient quantity of water present in your system. Otherwise it might result in constipation.

During a weight loss program the intake of food is reduced by taking more water along with your food. With this method you feel full sooner and you tend to eat less food. The amount of water that you need to drink for being healthy depends on your weight, the activities you do and the environment in which you live.

It is recommended that you take 64 ounces of water daily at a minumum. Although this is the recommended quantity it might differ from person to person depending on their weight. Another measure of water that is recommended is to take ½ an ounce of water per pound of body weight. If you take more fruits in your diet then the need to drink water is reduced. To check whether you drink sufficient quantity of water, the urine you pass should be in pale yellow color or clear. If it is too dark you will need to drink more of water. As a caution taking antibiotics and vitamin supplements may change the color of urine.

More oxygen is found in the blood stream when your body is hydrated well. This is necessary for the fat to be consumed (burnt) for energy. This is essential to lose your body weight. Hence drink sufficient quantity of water to lose weight.

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