Why Did I Stop Losing Weight?

I have heard many people say that they stick to the same type of meals / diet and a regular exercise program. But at some point they stop losing weight. According to research, most people hit a plateau eventually. Expect the plateau! It will come. Approach it positively instead of getting frustrated or thinking that you are doing something wrong. Your mindset is 90% of the battle when embarking on a weight loss program.

1) There are some adaptive mechanisms in your body which kick in to protect it against starvation. You still need to continue eating less and burning more to maintain your new weight. Create a solid base: diet plan, exercise and motivation. Once you hit the plateau, keep going. Results will follow.

2) Understand that after losing some weight, the hormones in your body start to work in different directions. The hormone ghrelin, responsible for stimulating appetite, increases. On the other hand, the fullness hormone amylin, decreases thus curbing appetite and aiding you maintain the new weight. Your body is a bit confused but it is imperative that you stick to your initial goal.

3) You may notice that you continue with your diet plan but still manage to stop losing weight. The common causes can be negative emotions, change of routine or stress. Sometimes your friends can be your enemies. They will take you out to eat junk foods or you might miss your daily work out. Make losing weight a priority for you. To keep focused, write down the benefits and review them daily.

4) Television is another deterrent for not losing weight. Television equals very little movement and too much snacking. Try to do some light exercise in between TV commercials. And definitely, do not make it a habit to eat while watching television!

5) Even your work may come in the way of your weight loss program. You may be spending hours in front of your computer while working. Solution: start your day with a work out or exercise during your lunch break.

Keep in mind that weight loss is all about commitment, patience and action. Weight loss is not rocket science so don’t make it more complicated than it really is. Eat less, stick to healthy eating habits and exercise more. Focus on your goal, write down the “whys” and think about them every day. Losing weight should be a top priority for you. Otherwise, you will stop losing weight, you won’t be able to maintain your new weight, you won’t be able to get over the first plateau! Good luck with your weight loss!

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