What is the best way to lose weight?

That is a really good question because last month I would have had a different answer then I do now.

For the last month I have been doing a colon cleanse and heavy metal cleanse from drnatura.com.

I have been very impressed with the intensity of the cleanse and how well it has worked for me. I am not overweight by any definition, but if I am being honest I could use to lose some fat around the waist to get my six pack back. The cleanse has really helped with the weight loss in the abdominal area. I have been noticing my belly flab losing size and my overall girth has changed.

I talked about the reason why this has happened in previous posts. I believe the two most significant reasons have been the fiiber I take when I first get up in the morning and the probiotics and cleanse tea I take at night before I go to bed.

Having your eliminaiton phase of your metabolism remove the feces in the morning I think is really paramount to being able to effectively lose weight. So a real quick lesson here is to go buy a good fiber supplement from your health food store and start taking it in the morning as well as increasing your water intake. Or better yet by the cleansing products from drnatura.com.

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