What is a low fat diet?

Low fat diet is one that has low fat. Simple, It doesn’t mean that there is no fat at all in the diet, just less then normal. A small percentage of fat is still present in most diets, which is necessary for your body. A diet that is low in fat should not have more than 30% of the calories from fat. Oils and fats are used rarely in preparing a low fat diet. When you go for a low fat diet make sure that it is also has low sugar. Some of the low fat diets have high sugar, which is also harmful for your health. There are many benefits that you get by having low fat diets. It is better for your heart, and helps to reduce cancers.

Statistics reveal that about 50% of the amount spent on food is spent on eating out. Hence you should be careful in selecting the low fat items for your meals and dinner when you are eating out. You should know the food items that are low in fat. Some of the foods that are low in fat are fruits, fish, shellfish, cereals, rice, vegetables, nuts and seeds, pasta, and natural oils. Really, low fat diets are about switching from trans fats to natural fats like olive oil and coconut oil.

Look for alternatives for the high fat foods. Learn how to read the food labels before you purchase the food items from the stores. It is best to check you favorite foods for the fat content first. If needed alter the quantities that you take. Food items that have the term “heart healthy” can be preferred over others. Instead of fried foods look for baked, broiled, boiled, steamed and grilled items. Drink more water instead of sweetened drinks. You can also prefer soda and herbal tea instead of other drinks. Salads are good with low-calorie dressing. You need not be afraid to ask how a food is prepared. This gives you an idea of the items that are used in the preparation of the food of your choice. If you are a person who prefers to have pizza then you can go for thin crust with little cheese toppings and little meat. Recipes for low fat diets are published in many websites like lowfatcooking.about.com and www.fatfree.com. You can always refer these sites for more information on this topic.

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