Weight Loss Resolution for 2009: Why It Won’t Work For You!

The New Year is not far away, and with New Year comes a new resolution. For those who want to lose weight, the resolution they would take is quite predictable: they would probably resolve to join a gym and workout vigorously so as to lose all fat within a week! But do you really think such resolutions work for those who take it?

First of all, people often take resolutions either in a moment of excitement, or being provoked by peers. However when the reality strikes these people, they fail to keep their resolutions. Joining a gym is one thing, but being able to hit it every day is quite a different story. If you have never exercised before, just one week of gym membership would tell you how much work goes into weight loss!

No wonder people quit the gym after a couple of weeks of joining, and their New Year resolution comes to nothing. However, if you follow exactly what I advise in this article, you will be able to keep your 2009 weight loss resolution!

First of all, let me tell you that these people work way harder than they need to, and to be honest, they are doing nothing better than wasting their energy and time on something which is not going to bring them any results! Simply doing long boring cardios for four hours per day isn’t going to help you lose weight within a week. Just like others who have been successful in losing weight, you need to follow a strategy, a plan, of which exercises form just one aspect; the other aspect being your eating habits!

Many people believe that if they workout too long and hard everyday then eating junk foods won’t make them any fatter, but that is a completely wayward thinking. Healthy eating is as much important as leading an active lifestyle; in fact, both are required for weight loss!

You gained weight not just because of sitting on the couch for hours! You gained weight because of bad eating habits, binge-eating and snacking in midnight, or eating too much of junk foods at a time. If you are serious about weight loss, you need to forget about going to McDonalds and change your route to the market where you can find raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc.

I am not advising you to survive on just a piece of lemon or salad, nor am I asking you to starve. I am just asking you to quit your junk food eating habit and start eating healthy foods instead! This would help you a long way with weight loss! It is no secret that the average American diet is high in calories and sugar, but no one said you have to keep following that diet throughout your life!

Along with healthy eating, you also need to take the help of supplements. Even 100 years ago, you could get a lot of nutritional benefit just by eating natural foods and animal meat, but in this day and age of malnourished animals and pesticide laden trees and fruits, you should expect to receive at least 30% less nutrition from these foods than what your forefathers received! To cope up with this nutritional deficiency, you need to take the help of weight loss supplements!

If you want to have a high-protein diet, simply eating eggs and lean chicken meat is not enough; you also need to add protein shakes to your diet as well! These days, supplements are available for almost every type of nutrient you need; it is just a matter of picking up the right supplement for yourself!

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