Weight Loss For 2007

I just finished reading an article in Chatelaine magazine. I believe this is a Canadian only magazine. On the front cover was Jan Arden. She is a Canadian folk signer that I love. The headline is “I’m 50 pounds lighter and louder than ever”.

In the article she talks about how she changed her lifestyle. She has been continuously on the road in 2006 travelling with Michael Bubble. She talks about how being “on the road” is a lifestyle challenge and after every show she would be at the bar chatting with the band drinking beer etc.

Now after every show she heads back to the hotel and exercises. This made me think about how we do things in our lives out of habit, and if we just change the pattern a little bit we can make drastic improvements to our life (lose weight).

What thing or things do you do everyday that are just habit that you will be able to change for a walk, trip do the gym or something that is going to benefit the body to lose weight.

My life over the last 5 months has really gotten out of control trying to get my websites functioning and trying to finish writing a book. As a result my exercise routine has suffered. I spent much of the New Years holiday doing a pattern interrupt and exercising when the habit said not too.

I feel better and more productive now. I thought this would be a really great thing to document on this Blog.

For 2007 I am committed to regularly updating this Blog with my progress of feeling better in mind/body/spirit and hope this provides some motivation for you for this upcoming year. Check this fast weight loss Blog often or go to my natural weight loss tips website and subscribe for updates via email. Here is to a prosperous 2007

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