Weight Loss After Pregnancy

For some women this can be the hardest time to try and lose weight or it could be the first time that you have ever had to lose weight. With a new baby time can sometimes be non existent and frustration then sets in because you want to lose weight but you don’t have any time.

The key is to analyze what you are eating and what type of exercise you can put into your schedule. If you are breast feeding you need to pay special attention to what you are eating anyway as breast milk is affected by the foods that you eat. My general rule of thumb is consume lots of whole fruits and vegetables. Eat as much fruit as you want and as much dark green vegetables as you want. The more variety the better and the more serving the better.

Feed your body fruits and vegetables and your breast milk will be healthier. Baby will thank you. You will also be consuming lots of high grade nutrients resulting in your body minimizing converting the energy from fruits and vegetables to fat. I know you are asking yourself “What about protien?” Good question. If you must absolutley need to eat protein only consume animal meats from natural grazing wild game meet. No cow, no pig, no chicken. Venison and buffalo. If you eat lots of dark green vegetables you are getting lots of digestible protein and don’t need to eat animal products.

Stay away from milk and cheese and the weight will naturally come off and your baby will start life off very healthy.

Make a green shake in the morning for breakfast, go for a walk with baby or exercise at home while baby is napping. Find time to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and schedule time for exercise and weight loss after pregancy should be just a matter of time.

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