Want to Shed Flab Quickly and Become Slimmer? Eat These Foods!

If you thought you could lose weight with the help of a low-carb diet, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Low-carb diets usually reduce your carb intake to an abnormally low level, which is unhealthy for you! If you are serious about weight loss, you really need to get the word ‘diet’ out of your head and focus on eating the right foods at right times instead!

Note that I mention “right times”! If you eat healthy foods at wrong times, you will gain more fat than lose! Some people think that it is okay to consume several cups of low-fat ice cream simply because it is low on fat, but that is simply not true!

In this article I will tell you about special weight loss foods which would help you lose weight quickly and easily! If you have ever dreamed of losing weight by eating, this article is for you! But note that if you don’t eat your foods at right times, you won’t be able to achieve weight loss!

Look at this example: it is no secret that natural fruits and vegetables help one lose weight. Does that mean that you should be eating them throughout the day, even right before bedtime? If you eat before bedtime, your body won’t be able to burn off the calories gained from food since you would be sleeping! Consequently, you would gain a lot of extra pounds!

As you can see, even consuming too much of healthy foods is bad for you; you need to eat moderately and more importantly, eat only at right times; that means, NO eating after 7PM or 8PM!

I would suggest that you eat nothing more than egg whites and salad for dinner, or a chicken breast. These foods are ‘weight loss superfoods’, which means that your body would need a lot of energy in order to burn them. Obviously, there is no question of you gaining fat while sleeping!

Okay, assuming that you would be eating at right times as advised by me, here are the only foods I recommend to you: tomatoes, spinach, skinless turkey/chicken, lean red meat, broccoli, egg whites, whey protein, and of course tuna and salmon! All these foods share the same quality: they are all low on carbohydrates, and most of them are high on protein, which is good for you! The more protein you consume, the more lean muscles you would build, and consequently, the more fat you would burn off!

Most people think that starving is the only surefire way to quick weight loss. That is not true at all. Eat the foods I suggested in this article and more importantly, don’t eat at improper times! If you do these two things then it won’t take you long to acquire a lean and sexy body!

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