Want to Lose Holiday Weight? Here are 3 Easy Ways to Do That!

I have been on a weight loss program for a long time but one of the reasons why it has been a difficult road for me is because I would always end up adding several extra pounds during the holidays! In essence whatever weight I would lose during the whole year would return to me in the holiday season!

Fortunately, a few years ago I discovered some amazing weight loss tricks which helped me avoid holiday weight gain since the last two holidays. In fact I am going to use those same tricks again this year!

Trick#1-Cut down on sugar cravings with Oolong tea: Sugar is very notorious for making a person gain weight quickly. Sugar in itself is bad enough because it tends to dissolve quickly into the body and convert into fat deposits, but the worst part is that eating sugary foods tends to increase your sugar cravings all the more! In simple words, if you eat sugary foods, you would keep eating them more and more!

The best option is to avoid sugar as much as possible, which you could do with the help of Oolong tea! You may or may not be aware of it but Oolong tea is a good antidote for sugar! Make sure you drink one cup of Oolong tea once before your breakfast and again before going to bed! You would find it pretty easy to suppress your sugary cravings this way!

Trick#2-Eat slow: Eat slowly and savor every bite of the food you eat; that way, it would be easier for you to kill the junk food cravings and eventually you would end up eating less junk foods than usual! Experts say that our brain takes at least twenty minutes to realize that we are full. If you eat too fast then you are not giving your brain a chance to know whether you need to eat anymore or not! Consequently you would end up eating a lot more food than you need to!

In fact a recent study has found that people who eat slowly have fewer chances of gaining weight in holidays than those who eat hurriedly!

Trick#3- Cut down on high-calorie food intake: You already know that sugar-rich foods are bad for you, so you need to avoid them as much as you can! Other foods you should avoid are white flour, loaf, cakes, biscuits, cookies, etc., as well as drinks such as alcohol and soft drinks! Once you take these foods out of your food plan, weight control would become much more easier for you!

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