Unable To Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution? Here is What You Should Do!

If you have taken a formidable weight loss resolution but are still unable to lose weight, then maybe you need to change your weight loss strategy. No amount of weight loss resolutions would work for you if your aim and goals are not realistic and achievable! It is no doubt that losing weight is not as easy as most people think; but it certainly becomes easier if you learn to lose weight the right way!

Many people measure their weight loss achievement on a daily basis; so that if on any day they couldn’t lose at last one pound, they would think that the weight loss program is not working, that it is a scam, or that they cannot lose weight…well, they would think anything short of positive!

If you are smart you would see the reason behind your failure. The reason you are failing is that you are setting unrealistic goals for yourself that cannot be achieved by anyone, not even you! The maximum weight you could lose per week in a healthy manner is two pounds. So, if you really want to set realistic weight loss goals, set it on a weekly rather than daily basis!

Weight loss can be pretty frustrating at times, so it is important that you reward yourself and appreciate your weight loss efforts from time to time. You should treat each week of a month as a milestone, and once you complete each milestone, reward yourself with anything EXCEPT food!

Here is how to do it:

Let’s say that your aim is to lose eight pounds within the next month. Set four separate mini-goals for each of the four weeks. Each week, you should be doing nothing except these four tasks: working out, healthy eating, drinking lots of water, and avoiding your number one enemy: binge eating at night! If you diligently follow these four actions per week, there is no reason why you won’t lose eight pounds or even more at the end of the month!

Make sure to reward yourself once you complete each week: you may buy a new slim dress for yourself or go on a mini-vacation, or indulge yourself in one of your favorite hobbies or sports, or visit a spa; basically you can reward yourself in anyway EXCEPT food!

Now let’s say that you really cheat on your diet and eat one BIG burger in one of the four weeks. That is okay. There is no need to scratch your head over it. Provided that you don’t break the other rules and don’t cheat too often, you would still lose a reasonable amount of weight at the end of the month; maybe you would lose seven instead of eight pounds, but it is better than losing nothing, right?

If you need proof, I am the living proof that this system works like crazy. I have lost no less than thirty-five pounds with this method, while my wife has lost almost nineteen pounds and in fact, she is still losing! Remember that weight loss resolutions are of no use if you simply sit on them and take no action; but if you take the appropriate action, you are guaranteed to lose weight!

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