Top 3 Weight Loss Rules You Need to Follow to Acquire A Flat Tummy!

If you have tried hard for several months to acquire a flat tummy, only to fail time and again, this article is for you! Believe it or not, acquiring a flat tummy is not too hard, provided that you follow the three basic weight loss rules which I am going to tell you about in this article. I hope these tips prove useful to you!

1. Rule#1: Provide your body with adequate nutrition: Getting rid of unnatural junk foods and starting a healthy and nutritious diet regimen should be your number one priority. Junk foods contain little or no nutrition, and on top of that, they make you fat! So what can be called a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is one which contains all the essential nutrients required to maintain the health of your body, such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, carbohydrates, etc. It is no use skipping even one of these important nutrients as that would make the diet unnatural and you won’t be able to lose weight with an unnatural diet!

This is also the reason why I ask you to stay away from diet pills and fad diets in the next sections.

2. Rule#2-Don’t use fad diets: Just in case you don’t know, fad diets are those which restrict your food intake to a ridiculously low level. Have you ever been on a diet which restricts you to only cabbage soup or lemon juice, or the ones which tell you to eat only a high protein and no-carb diet? Those are all fad diets. Some examples of popular fad diets are: “Atkins Diet’, “South Beach diet”, “low-calorie diet”, “low-fat diet”, etc.

So what is the fault with these diets? The fault is that by restricting your calorie intake to an abnormally low level, it forces your body to go into a starvation mode. When your body is in starvation mode, it slows down your metabolism and starts hording fat instead of burning it! Obviously, you cannot expect permanent weight loss with those fad diets.

The primary attraction of these fad diets is the rapid speed with which it helps you lose a few pounds, which is actually nothing but water weight loss! However, when you quit your diet and get back to your normal eating habits, you gain back those pounds as rapidly as you lost them!

3. Rule#3-Don’t use diet pills: Diets pills are not much different than fad diets, as far as harming your body is concerned. Just like fad diets, diet pills also help you lose a few pounds quickly, but that is temporary weight loss. More importantly, diet pills make your body weak and unhealthy! I don’t know about you, but I cannot even think of losing weight at the cost of my health; after all, I am losing weight for the purpose of leading a better and healthier life!

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