Top 3 Holiday Weight Control Tips for Women!

You probably dread holidays for one single reason: it is that time of the year when you have more chances of gaining weight than at any other time of the year! And why not! Most of the foods available at this time are full of fat and sugar, the two demons which make people overweight all too easily!

However, considering that holidays come only once in a year, it won’t be wise to cut yourself from the enjoyment entirely! In this article I will tell you about three ways to enjoy the holiday foods while at the same time keep the weight under control!

Contrary to what you might believe, it is not that hard to balance the two. Here are the three things you need to do to get yourself started:

1. Eat well before attending the party: If you attend a party with an empty stomach, you are more likely to crave for the tempting junk foods available to you than otherwise! So make sure that you eat considerable food at home before venturing out! And what would you eat?

Definitely not cakes, sugar, biscuits, candies or cookies! Instead, you should stuff yourself with protein-rich foods. Protein is known to keep a person full for a long time! Consequently you would be eating very little at the party, but of course, without any sense of deprivation! After all, you are not depriving yourself of the delicious foods: you are not eating them simply because you CANNOT!

Protein is also helpful in another way: it builds strong lean muscles for you! Since muscles need more energy to maintain themselves than is required by fat, your body is forced to burn your fat deposits in order to produce this extra energy! Consequently, you lose weight! As you can see, eating protein-rich foods is a win-win situation for you!

And don’t think that protein-rich foods are all bland and boring! After all, how could you forget about the tasty yogurt, which is high on protein!

2. Cut down on carbs: Should you be eating carbs? Yes, of course, but you should definitely cut down on the intake of simple carbs such as sugary foods, and opt for the more complex ones. The rationale behind this is simple: simple carbs, as their name suggests, are very simple and easy to digest. They dissolve in your body very quickly and turn into fat. Moreover, they accentuate your carb cravings so that you tend to eat more and more sugary foods to satiate yourself!

On the other hand, complex carbs take longer to digest and are therefore better for you!

3. Be selective with turkey: There are very few families which don’t eat huge turkeys during this holiday season. Turkey is all fine, as long as you don’t buy the dark variety! The white skinless turkey is best for you since it is low on fat!

Also keep in mind that the way you cook your turkey would determine how much weight you would put on by eating it! Make sure to use minimal oil and a lot of spices when cooking it, and if possible, use fat-free or low-cholesterol oil!

Follow the tips above and you will find it very easy to keep your weight in check when everyone else would be displaying their fat bellies!

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