Top 3 Fat Cutting Tips to Help You Sail Smoothly Through Your Weight Loss Resolution

If you are like me, you have taken a New Year weight loss resolution countless number of times and even broken them an equal number of times! You know what, I finally discovered that this whole ritual of resolution-taking won’t work for me, so I decided that instead of waiting for another New Year to take a weight loss resolution, why not start doing something right now?

In this article I am going to tell you about the exact strategies which helped me keep my weight loss resolution without me even thinking of the same. Heck, by the time I successfully I lost weight, the first thing I did was to buy myself a pair of well-fitting clothes which have been on my buying list for a long but were unsuitable for my huge belly.

Wouldn’t you like to do the same too? Well, that is possible provided that you follow my fat cutting strategies below. Make your fat friends envious next Christmas by flaunting your flat belly in front of them!

1. Drink water: What, you were expecting some ‘cutting-edge weight loss secret’? Sorry to disappoint you then, but what I am going to tell you here is not secret but darn simple to implement! The very first step you need to take is to increase your water intake. I know it is winter now and you don’t feel thirsty very often, but I would still suggest that you drink as much water as you do in the height of summer. There are three main reasons behind it:

a) Water suppresses your hunger, so you eat less. When you reduce your food intake, weight loss is inevitable!

b) Do you know a lot of your body weight is made up of the toxins which have got accumulated in your intestines because of your unhealthy eating habits? Water clears up all that junk from your body and when that happens, you are sure to lose a few pounds without making any extra effort!

c) When you drink cold water, your metabolism fires up in order to heat that water and make it digestible. Keep in mind that when your metabolic rate is high, you burn fat fast and lose weight quickly!

2. One apple a day keeps the weight away: You have probably heard the oft-quoted saying: ‘An apple a day keeps the doc away’. Probably the person who made up this quote was also thinking about the huge weight loss benefits it offers! While apple won’t help you lose weight on its own, it would keep your appetite suppressed!

Now you might be wondering if it would be proper to eat an apple everyday, considering that it contains almost 100 calories. Let me tell you that unlike a burger or cake, an apple won’t make you any fatter than you already are! So you are pretty safe with it.

3. Don’t eat after 8PM: Try to finish off your dinner by 7PM, or at most, 8 PM, so that your body gets ample time to digest your food and turn the calories into energy. If you eat right before bedtime, your body won’t be able to utilize those calories and consequently, would deposit them as fat. You know what the end result would be like, right?

Follow the three fat cutting tips mentioned above and weight loss won’t be a faraway dream for you!

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