Top 2 Workouts I Recommend For Quick Fat Loss

It is a well known fact that if you want to lose fat quickly and easily, there is no better option than exercises. Back in the good old days, when life was less hectic and busy than now, you could afford to workout for hours on end. However, with the busy and hectic lives most of us lead nowadays, this is simply not feasible. These days we are so strapped for time that we don’t even get to finish our breakfast properly. In such circumstances, is it possible to lose weight with the help of exercises?

It definitely IS! While in good old days you used to do moderate cardios for a long time, today you need to replace cardios with high intensity exercises which take less of your time and still offer the same benefits! Can you imagine spending only fifteen minutes per day on workouts and still losing weight quick and fast? Well, that is strength training for you!

Some people, especially women, hate strength training because they are afraid of acquiring large biceps like bodybuilders and losing their femininity. That is nothing but a myth. If you really want to have a body like bodybuilders, you need to workout a lot harder than fifteen minutes per day, not to speak that strength alone cannot help you achieve that kind of muscular body! It can however help you lose fat with little effort!

Strength training also helps you build strong lean muscles, and remember that muscles are your friend. The more muscles you have, the faster you will burn fat and lose weight. Having more muscles not only means fast weight loss but also eating lots of junk foods without any fear of weight gain! Just imagine, won’t it be nice if you could keep eating burgers day in and day out and still not gaining an iota of fat? Well, your lean muscles will help make your dream come true!

Another good workout for quick fat loss is interval training. It is actually much easier than other intense workouts, as you need to do this only 5 times per day, each time spending no more than from 30 seconds to one minute!

So in total you need to spend only 20 minutes per day in order to lose fat fast! No matter how busy you are, I am sure this would be manageable for you!

I would also suggest that you stay away from those workouts whose focus is just to burn fat on one area of your body. Spot fat reduction is impossible because you cannot force your body to start burning fat at any spot you like! You may keep doing ab crunches forever but that would eventually burn more of your ab muscles than fat!

A better option is to focus on multi-joint exercises instead, as they involve your whole body! I would also suggest that you join a gym or hire a fitness professional if you could afford to; this would save you a lot of frustration through trial and error. A fitness expert would know which exercise should be done with what kind of intensity and frequency!

Keep in mind that weight loss is not as hard as you think! As long as you are prepared to work for it, it won’t take you long to lose weight and acquire six-pack abs!

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