Things To Avoid Saying When Dealing With Someone Who Has An Eating Disorder

It is so important for all of you to read this, just in case you ever come across someone that you care about, that is suffering with some type of eating disorder. There are certain ways that you should go about trying to speak with someone who is worrying you and making you think that they do have an eating disorder and there are many things that you should definitely just avoid saying whenever you are dealing with someone who has an eating disorder. This article is for all of you that know someone who is sick with an eating disorder, so that you will know how you should go about handling that type of situation. It is so very important for you to really pay attention to this and take it very seriously because one false move when confronting someone who is sick with an eating disorder could end up making things much worse, instead of helping them.

Nobody wants to do more harm than good whenever dealing with someone who is needing your help, so all of you be sure that you take note of some of this helpful advice. People with any type of eating disorder are very very sensitive and feel just terrible about themselves, so the last thing that they need is for anyone to ask any kind of awkward question about their problem. They will be extremely defensive and will not ever want to talk to you about it, ever again. You have to be very cautious whenever you are attempting to confront someone about their eating habits or lack there of. Ok, so now that you understand you should definitely avoid asking certain questions whenever you are talking to someone who has an eating disorder, let me give you some examples of the questions that you should by all means avoid! Never, under any circumstances ask someone who you are suspicious of having an eating disorder anything that is questioning their current weight. They will flip out and want to run away if you even mention their weight to them out of concern. Another conversation that you never want to have with somebody that is suffering from this disease is helpful friendly advice, they do not want your advice nor do they feel that they need any of your advice.

These types of questions will only make things much worse and could even add more harmful habits to their eating behavior. If you are considering talking to them about their eating disorder, definitely take time out to think about what you might ask them, so that you can determine if that question would be one that would just send them over the edge completely. Be there for them, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and perhaps when you feel it is absolutely necessary be the one that gets them the help that they need but do not bother discussing it with them beforehand if they have gotten that far into it.

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