The Weight Loss Shortcut That Helped Me Lose Fat Fast!

Have you gained lots of extra pounds during the holidays? I don’t blame you at all, since holiday is the time when people like to enjoy themselves a bit, and what is a better way to indulge yourself than by eating your favorite foods?

Heck, it is no different for me either! Holiday is the time when I make sure that I gorge on all of my favorite, delicious junk foods! Therefore I am not going to preach you things such as ‘it ain’t right for you to overeat during the holidays’ or that ‘just because it is holiday doesn’t mean you should throw your health concerns in the wind’.

I don’t preach the impossible. In this article, I would rather focus on how to lose those extra pounds that you have accumulated during the holidays!

Why should you listen to me? Well, for one, I am a trained health expert who has helped several people lose weight successfully over the years, but more importantly, I have been able to lose more than 60 pounds myself using those same methods I am going to talk about!

Don’t think that I never ‘cheated’ on my diet; I DID, but instead of getting depressed over the issue, I continued to move on. I also have had my share of ‘last supper’. Just in case you don’t know, ‘last supper’ means the food that one eats before going on a diet plan; obviously these are nothing but junk foods!

Every year would be routine-like for me: at the start of every new year I would take a ‘weight loss resolution’, and before starting the diet, I would eat my favorite junk foods like I would never have them again ever, and would gain a lot of extra weight in the process-all BEFORE I had even started to lose weight!

You may or may not believe me, but I have noticed that these ‘last suppers’ made me gain more weight than I did as a result of my over-indulgence in the holiday season!

But like I said earlier; the key is NOT to get depressed and quit your weight loss program. Mistakes happen with everybody, but keep in mind that all is not lost; there is light at the end of the dark tunnel!

Now to finish up my story, I took to colon cleansing. In case you don’t know, colon cleansing helps clean your colon of all the junk which has accumulated in your intestines over the years, thanks to unhealthy food habits. Once you cleanse your colon, you will automatically lose a minimum of five pounds and a maximum of ten pounds!

Besides, you would feel as if a huge load has been taken off your body! Once your body gets rid of this unnecessary junk, it would fire up your metabolic rate and start the fat burning process!

In fact, whenever anyone approaches me for weight loss advice, I ask them to go through colon cleaning before anything else!

After you cleanse your colon, you should of course start eating healthier foods and become active by working out in the gym regularly. But colon cleansing is definitely the very FIRST step you need to take!

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