The best diet for reducing belly fat

It is difficult to talk about belly fat without discussing obesity in general. Obesity is the condition where the body accumulates excess fat to the extent that it becomes risky to the person’s overall health. Obesity afflicts over 30% of the US populations and results in over a quarter million deaths each year. This is because obesity and belly fat are linked to cardiac failure, kidney failure, breathing problems, sleeping disorders and a general vulnerability to diseases because of a depressed immune system. Obesity and belly fat also cause low self-esteem because people who are obese are conditioned to think that they are unattractive by media standards. Although exercise is very effective in combating belly fat, dieting can also be key in winning this battle.

One of the best ways to use diet as a tool for weight loss is to get educated. This means learning about different food types and diets and what they do. There is a wealth of information on the Internet on just this very subject. For instance, the USFDA runs an excellent food pyramid website which contains almost everything you need to know about structuring your own diet. The web address is and it has the standard foods and diet plans that are recommended by food experts.

One excellent diet that is overlooked is water. Avoiding high calorie drinks such as sodas and instead getting into the habit of drinking lots of water is very helpful in the battle against obesity.

Cutting down on red meats and instead substituting with white meats and lots of greens is also a good strategy against belly fat. This is because in many instances, red meat has trans fats which can be easily accumulated and which have been the culprits in artery blockages and hence heart failure.

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