Stop Holiday Weight Gain Dead In Its Tracks with These 3 Amazing Tricks!

Holidays are all fun except for one part: it brings along weight gain! Actually, we shouldn’t blame holidays for weight gain since it is actually the result of our poor eating habits! Has anyone said that holidays are meant to stuff ourselves with lots of turkeys, candies and pumpkin pies? Nope! Rather, we do it on our own accord!

Truth to be told, we would love to eat those foods not just in the holiday season but throughout the year! So it is not the holidays which are to be blamed for our unhealthy food cravings!

For the record, people don’t gain weight if they just sip a little bit of eggnog, pop in a few cookies or candies into their mouths, or even take a large bite of that pumpkin pie; rather, they gain weight because of several other important reasons, most of which can either be controlled, changed or avoided! In this article I will tell you about three ways to avoid holiday weight gain!

1. Don’t attend a party on hungry stomach: It is commonsense that if you attend a party hungry, you could only behave like a hungry wolf by going after whatever delicious foods grab your attention! At parties, people are supposed to meet with old friends and buddies and have a nice time with them, but since you were ‘smart’ enough not to even eat a morsel from your home, your one and only friend at the party would be food! I don’t even need to tell you what could be the outcome of such behavior!

Make sure that you eat lots of protein and fiber-rich foods before you venture out of home; this not only applies to holiday parties but even to holiday shopping!

2. Make wise food decisions: With all the tasty foods being laid out at holiday parties, it is time that you get selective about what you eat! Skip chips and doodles and opt for pretzels! If there are fresh fruits and vegetables available at the party, eat lots of them so that you have less appetite for junk foods!

Whenever you are confused about what to eat and what not, prefer smaller foods over larger ones as they usually tend to contain fewer calories.

3. Don’t drink your way: You see, many people harbor a misconception that while fatty foods are bad for them, they could give the drinks a go because they are totally ‘innocent’ and fat-free! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Drinks are as much loaded with calories as foods. Alcohol is one notorious drink which contains loads of empty calories; if you don’t monitor your alcohol intake you could easily add several extra pounds to your body without your knowledge!

Calorie counting is an essential tool that should be used at holiday parties. Unfortunately, however, people tend to count only the calories of the foods they eat, and ignore that of the drinks. Again this is nothing but poor judgment, for as I already pointed out, drinks could be as bad for you as foods!

To be honest, it is not at all possible to avoid booze at the holiday parties, but you could surely control its intake, couldn’t you? Once you think you have had enough booze, stay firm and don’t give in no matter how much your friends and colleagues pester you to have ‘another peg or two’; don’t budge no matter how much they try to convince you that ‘one peg ain’t cause any harm’!

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