Some Side Effects From The Eating Disorder Anorexia That You Should All Know About

Too many people are spending their days and nights, every waking moment, just thinking and daydreaming of what it might be like to look into the mirror and see perfection. Me personally, I do not know anyone, including myself, that is even close to being perfect but for those that are suffering with this disease, they see things in a much different light and really that can not be helped, not until they seek the help that they need. Someone who is not in their right frame of mind can not see what everyone else is seeing and it is just so very sad, which is why they definitely need the love and support from others who love them to really start believing in themselves and trying to recover from this potentially life threatening disease that takes far too many young lives each day.

There are horrifying side effects from the eating disorder anorexia that you should all know more about. Some of the side effects from the eating disorder anorexia are things such as, hair loss, stunted growth, malnutrition, abnormal mineral balance throughout the body, very dangerous heart rhythms, low blood pressure, increase in cholesterol levels, reduced blood flow, and many many more. The list would just terrify all of you, there is no doubt about that. An eating disorder can take your life if you let it go too long without seeking out for the appropriate treatment so that you can begin your recovery process. Nothing is going to change overnight, it could take years for you to completely recover from an eating disorder, especially if it had gotten to the point of where it was affecting your overall health and wellness.

These side effects are as bad as they sound and even worse than they sound. If you do know somebody who you believe is battling with any type of eating disorder, be prepared for them to totally deny it, because they will at first. There will come a point though that it will be so obvious to everyone around them that they will no longer be able to hide it from others and they will have to face the facts. At that time it is crucial that you stay by their side because they will need you now more than ever before. With anyone who is seriously struggling with an eating disorder, the risk of suicide is much more likely, so staying by their side and helping them in any way that you can is for the best.

There are many different websites available on the internet that can provide you with a great deal of information that can help you find the help that you need for your eating disorder. There are many people that are going through the exact same thing and there is plenty of helpful support available, as long as you look for it. Good luck and be well!

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