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The newest of the trendy diets is the Eco-Atkins Diet. The basis for this diet is that your primary source of protein is based around plant sources. This diets appeals to vegetarians and those of us who are concerned about the environment and prevention of cruelty to animals. This article answers some questions you may have concerning what the Eco-Atkins diet is and how you can implement it.

Q. What is the Eco-Atkins diet?

A. It is a diet that involves consuming more plant based instead of animal based protein?

Q. What are sources of plant based protein?

A. Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Q. How do plant proteins help fight fat?

A. “Consuming a variety of plant-based foods like veggies, grains, soy and nuts provides all the essential amino acids the body needs for optimal health,” says nutritionist Janet Bond Brill, Ph.D., R.D. author of Cholesterol Down (Three Rivers Press, 2006)

Q. Do plant based proteins flatten the belly?

A. When intake of omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids (which are present in all plant foods) is increased, the adiponectin hormone production is increased. This hormone tells the body to burn more fat and helps to prevent the conversion of sugar to fat.

Q. Will eating plant foods cause me to feel full?

A. Yes, plant based foods contain lots of fiber. The fiber expands in the stomach in helps you to feel full faster.

Q. I’m not a vegetarian; can I still eat meat on the Eco Atkins diet?

A. The idea of this diet is to limit animal based protein like beef, pork, chicken and fish. You can still eat these foods in small amounts.

Q. I have a family history of heart disease or diabetes, will this diet help me?

A. Plant-protein dieters benefit from improved heart health and decreased risk of diabetes. After only 4 weeks study subjects saw a 15-point drop in LDL (“Bad”) cholesterol and a 14-point drop in blood pressure, according to a study in the annals of Internal Medicine.

Q. Is this diet expensive?

A. Meat is generally one of the most expensive items on the food bill. By replacing meats with beans and mushrooms you can save up to four times the money.

Q. Will I have enough energy on this diet to perform my daily tasks?

A. You will get most of your key nutritional requirements from eating plant-based foods. However, the diet is lacking vitamin B-12 which is essential for optimal energy. You will need to take a multi-vitamin if you’re not already.

Q. I like to bake; can I substitute any of the high fat animal ingredients for a healthy plant-based ingredient?

A. Yes you can. Try this: puree 15 oz of black beans and substitute it for the eggs, oil, milk, water, or butter.

Q. Are there any programs that can help make this diet easy to implement?

A. Strip That Fat is the premier weight loss program. You can tell the program that you only want to eat foods from plant sources and it will generate meal plans and shopping lists for you. You will not have to wonder which meals to prepare or eat the same meals over and over. Strip That Fat can make the Eco Atkins diet easy to implement.

The Eco Atkins diet is great for those who are vegetarians or have health problems such as high cholesterol or heart disease. Strip That Fat with the STF Diet Generator will help you lose weight and keep it off. You can lose 2 lbs in the first 7 days. This is a very healthy approach to weight loss and one that can help you keep the weight off.

Jeremy Reynolds-
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