Natural Weight Loss does not include meat

I have been spending a couple of days in Toronto, Canada. Spending time with friends going out to restaurants. I eat vegetarian. What that means to me is I consume no animal products. I retain my normal weight and never have to worry about being obese.
This time however we went to the Bier Market in Downtown Toronto and I had the “Wurst Platter”. A number of different German/Dutch sausage with mustard and a Beer of course. I have spent the last two days bloated and not enjoying life. Bowel movements have been pretty much non existent.

This was a great reminder that even though it can be ok to indulge every now and then that even when we indulge the the very minimalist of effert, it can result in major discomfort and imbalance for the body. For me I choose not to eat animal products because I want to retain my health for as long as I can, and this trip to Toronto was a good reminder that I need to be more committed to how I eat.

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