Main causes of belly fat

Belly fat affects approximately 40% of the US population. This is mainly because of living a life very devoid of physical activity and the fact that most people chose to drive even short distances. There has also be a proliferation of junk food drive-thrus almost in every corner and people opt to eat out rather than indulge in a home cooked meal. Belly fat can be hazardous to your health. This is because it can cause high-blood pressure, vulnerability to disease bacteria, depressed immunity, breathing difficulties, sleep disorders and more. These complications cost over 300,000 people their lives each year in the US not to mention the low self-esteem that obese people have to endure because society and the media portrays them in a bad light.

Belly fat has many causes. One of them is eating food that is high in calories. This type of food can mostly be found in the drive-thru restaurants. Many drive-thrus fry their foods and this means that is ends up being very greasy. Drive-thrus have recently been trying to cut down on the fat that they ad top their food and some have been even been on the receiving end of lawsuits.

The fast food epidemic has been aggravated by people having little time to cook. Many people are in a rush to either go to work or school and have very little time to spend analyzing their diets. Coupled with the fast food situation, many people do not exercise adequately. They instead prefer to watch TV, and drive rather than walk or jog. Even though there are many free gymnasiums especially in the US, many do not use them. Sometimes, it is just an issue of time but for others, they have not really realized the dangers that come because of being overweight.

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