Is running for weight loss good for losing fat?

This is a million dollar question that has been asked by most overweight individuals. Running can be a very rapid weight loss secret, but that doesn’t make it magical or fast. Most of the runners especially with the intention of reducing their weight, may increase a few pounds early on as their body prefers more dense muscle tissue in the place of fat. But if they continue with the program, they’ll literally run off the excess fat.

There is no need to run fast or win races, you simply have to be disciplined enough to perform relaxed running for 20 to 25 miles a week. You may loose at least 25 pounds and you may succeed to burn about 2,500 calories per week through this planned exercise.

Most people know that long aerobic exercises like running are catabolic meaning your body burns energy. Always run slow, steady and long. Slow running say for 75 minutes or more can put your fat in a burn off mode, where your body tries to utilize the stored fats in the adipose tissue. You should perform at least two long runs per week with good planning.

There is no need to gallop like an athlete, simply start in slow pace and run smooth, steady and fast for about 15 seconds. Then slow down, jog for couple of minutes until you feel recovered, and do another stride. This rhythmic run may help to boost your after burners and help melt the fat. All athletes, in all sports, use running as a system for control and conditioning of their body.

Running burns more calories, and as a result, more fat, than most any form of cardiovascular exercise. Cross-country skiing is the only form of exercise that equals or exceeds the calorie burn of running.

If you are a couch potato, just get off the couch and start walking first. As you start to develop more tone and endurance challenge yourself to run. This will up the challenge in the body and help you lose more weight.

Try it! You can visualize the melting fats right before your eyes.

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