Is It Really Possible To Keep Weight Under Control During the Holidays?

With the holidays approaching fast, it is not unusual to add a few pounds of extra flab to your belly and make it bigger than ever, but with the four holiday nutrition tips I am sharing with you in this article, that won’t happen, ever!

And before you even ask, let me know tell you that you don’t need to starve or eat like a baby in order to maintain your slim figure! With these nutrition strategies, you will ensure that you don’t end up becoming as big as Frosty The Snowman! At the same time, you won’t eat like a mouse and deprive yourself of the fun of holidays!

1. Leave your indulgence at the party itself: If you are attending a party and indulging yourself there enough, don’t continue with your indulgence even when you leave the party! Believe it or not, I have seen many of my friends enter a fast food restaurant to get an extra fill even though they had their fill at a party! That is a strict no-no.

Remember that while indulgence during the holiday season is okay and understandable, over-indulgence would make it almost impossible for you to keep your weight under control!

It is not always possible to eat full stomach at a party, which is why I recommend many of my clients to have a full course meal from home before going to any party. This meal should consist of healthy foods rich in protein, fiber, carbs, vitamins and other nutrients. Whenever you eat at home, avoid junk or sugary foods altogether, since you would be eating them at parties!

In this context, let me tell you one another thing: never skip your meals in order to keep ‘space’ in your stomach for the delicious foods you would be offered at the party! Remember that when you are hungry you are more likely to overeat than otherwise.

In fact, you should not only eat your regular meals but also drink a lot of water so as to suppress your appetite. Often I have found that when I am on full stomach, I decline to eat even my favorite foods!

2.  Take some of your treats back home and share with your family: It is not necessary to annoy your host for the sake of maintaining that slim figure! What I do is that I take some of the treats back home and share it with my family! This way, I don’t gain a lot of weight and at the same time, let my family members enjoy a taste of the party food!

3. Control your portions but don’t deprive yourself: Often people make the mistake of deliberately depriving themselves of their favorite foods out of fear of weight gain. You couldn’t do a worse thing to yourself!

If you deprive yourself of your favorite foods, the food cravings would continue to haunt you until a day would come when you, being unable to suppress your cravings anymore, would start eating like a beast! Isn’t it better to eat a little ‘bad food’ everyday instead of having lots of them on a day!

If you think you cannot resist the temptation of that eggnog or cookie, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Just be sure to eat them in small quantizes so that you don’t end up gaining a lot of weight.

4. Try to take your mind off food: At the same time it is also important that you try to take your mind away from food. Very often people attend a party with the sole intention of stuffing themselves up with as much junk foods as possible! Such thinking won’t do you any good. When you attend a party, try to catch up with your old buddies and have a nice time with them, or chat up with your host.

Do anything which helps to get your mind busy. When your mind is busy in other activities, it would seldom think about foods!

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