How to Overeat During the Holidays and Still Keep Weight Away!

No I am not crazy. If you want to keep the weight away, you not only need to plan your regular food intake but also by how much you would be overeating. After all, no matter what you do, you won’t be able not to overeat anyway, what with all the temptations floating around; so why fight a losing battle? Rather, you should try to make lemons from lemonade, something which you are going to learn about from this article.

Do you know what makes you gain weight during the holidays? It is not the junk foods you eat, it is not because of overeating and overindulgence on your part, and of course it is not because you eat candies and cookies right from the Thanksgiving day throughout Christmas and New Year!

Usually most people eat a lot of junk and fatty foods during the holiday season because they know that as soon as the holidays are over, they would have to go back to their boring diet, or start one if they are not dieting already! Because of this, they stuff themselves with as much of their favorite foods as they can, because they would probably never get to eat them again until the next holiday season!

This is also known as the ‘last supper’, whereby you eat all of your favorite foods before going on a diet. Once you take the ‘dieting’ and the New Year resolution out of your mind, you would find it much easier to avoid holiday weight gain!

1. Plan your party eating: When you attend a party, there would be a lot of delicious foods laid out there, but chances are that you would be interested only in one or two foods. Naturally there is no need to take a bite of every food available there. Instead, eat as much of your favorite foods as you want and leave the rest! Keep in mind that apart from this one instance of ‘cheating’, you should always maintain a healthy eating plan consisting of natural fruits and vegetables!

For example, if cookies make you go weak-kneed, eat as many cookies as you need to satiate yourself, but don’t go and try out something else such as eggnog or cakes! If on the other hand, eggnog is your weakness, then drink only that and leave the party when you are done, so that your temptations don’t get the better of you!

2. Working out doesn’t hurt: Actually, if you try to workout for several hours at a stretch then it might hurt, but since you are being proactive here and planning things ahead, why not start working out right now? Even if you exercise only for fifteen minutes per day, it would help you a lot in keeping away those annoying pounds!

And keep in mind that working out doesn’t mean hitting the gym day and night or buying a huge exercise equipment for your home; there are several simple exercises you can do at home even without the help of exercise equipments!

3. Get back to healthy eating: It is okay if you had a bucketful of cookies or several pegs of eggnog at your friend’s party, but that doesn’t mean you should continue with that kind of diet even after leaving the party. Once you leave the party and get back home, you should get back to healthy eating!

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