How to lose your butt in 2009

Losing weight is on many people’s minds nowadays. This is because of more information coming in that highlights the dangers of being obese and of not being vigilant when it comes to diet. In the US alone, over 40% of the population can be considered overweight. This essentially means a BMI of over 25. BMI or body mass index is the standard measure used to gauge one’s weight in relation to their height. It does not really measure the actually measure the quantity of fat that is in the body but is nevertheless accepted by many medical organizations as the standard way of measuring obesity. Obesity on the other hand is termed as a condition where the body accumulates more fat to the extent that it becomes a health risk. Obesity kills over 400,000 people in the US and costs billions of dollars in lost productivity for workers who have to miss work because of obesity-related medical visits.

There are many ways one can become obese and before we look at how you can lose your butt in 2009, let us examine a few ways in which people gain that butt in the first place. In today’s society, people find themselves so hard pressed for time that they cannot go grocery shopping or cook. Their only option now becomes eating out at a fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurants in turn have mushroomed by the hundreds to cater for this growing number of customers. While they have been trying to reduce the amount of fat they use to fry their food, fast food restaurants nevertheless continue to churn very high-calorie meals and at times the calorie level of some meals can be as high as the entire required calorie intake for the whole day! It is also not unusual nowadays to see whole families eating lunch breakfast and dinner at fast food restaurants. Coupled with a lifestyle again that is too busy to allow for time to exercise, being obese becomes the next logical step for many of these people. There are off course those who have genetic issues that prevent the body metabolism from burning enough calories and so fat is accumulated faster and if these same people live the fast food lifestyle, then they can become obese.

Having a bigger butt is direct result of being obese for most people. Today, many are trying to lose their butt and have become focused on doing so especially for this 2009. There are various ways one can do this.
One way is to exercise. There are many simple exercises and workouts that one can engage in to lose their butt. The first one is walking. This is sometimes hard because we live in a society where we need to drive everywhere but when it comes to short distances, walking can go a long way in ensuring that we burn enough fat in our hip, thigh and butt area. Sit ups and simple jogging exercise also help immensely.

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