How to lose weight in 2009

There are approximately 40% of the US population that is obese or that struggles with the issue of weight. This has resulted in over 400,000 deaths every year and million more that have illnesses that can be directly attributed to being overweight. Obesity is a term that is given to someone whose body accumulates enough fat as to be deemed dangerous to their overall health. Billions of dollars are also spent each year in lost productivity and medical costs that are tied to being overweight.

There are many reasons why someone may end up being overweight. One of the major reasons is living a life that is devoid of any physical activity and exertion. In this society that we are living, this is common. We prefer to go even small distances by car and therefore do not give the body the necessary exercise that it requires to burn the extra calories.

Added to this is the explosion of fast food restaurants and eating houses which sit on almost every corner. These restaurants were started with the premise that people do not have time to prepare their own meals and will therefore frequent them in large numbers. This strategy has worked because the fast food is steadily making record profits even in a bad economy.

Then there are people who have genetic issues that cause them to be overweight. This genetic anomaly causes their bodies to burn less fat and store more if the person is also living a life without exercise and has an appetite for fast food which is deep fried, there is a huge likelihood of becoming obese.
But in 2009, it is possible to put obesity behind you by enacting some strategies and disciplines. One of first things to do to lose weight in 2009 is to get education. Before you embark on anything else, you have to find out why you are overweight. This also involves you determining whether what kind of food you are eating and what it contains. The food pyramid site run by the USFDA is an excellent place to start and you can find it at

Another tactic to employ to lose weight in 2009 is to exercise. There are many gyms now offering discount rates and even personal trainers. If you live in an apartment in the US, it is also easy to find a gym in an apartment complex and these are usually free. Use them and see your weight come down. Sometimes it is not possible to attend a gym because of time constraints and there is no apartment gym nearby. You can go around this problem by starting your own exercise regimen. This need not be complicated. You can easily begin by walking half a mile every day or even less.

Simple exercises can also be performed in the house. Sit ups and push ups are all within one’s ability but if you are very weighty, you might need to ask your doctor first..

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