How to get that splendid body you’ve always wanted in 2009

Every New Year, we expect people to make numerous New Year’s resolutions.
This has been a tradition for a long time. In these resolutions, people vow
to be better husbands, better wives, make better grades, become better
employees and even manage their money better. Others vow to quit addictions
such as smoking, eating and watching TV. Some people keep these resolutions
while others find it a struggle to keep them. Of all the resolutions,
perhaps none carries more emotion than losing weight. This is because
somehow, many people’s self esteem is tied to the way they look. This is
understandable because we are a visual society and the way someone is
perceived by others ties to the way they feel about themselves.

It is perfectly right to make a resolution to lose weight. This is because
obesity affects almost half of the population of the United States. It is
not a light matter because over 400,000 people die each year due to
complications arising from their being overweight. Billions of lost
productivity is incurred by businesses and the economy as a whole due to the
fact that many people who are obese miss work or under-perform due to their
medical condition.

Obesity is the term used to refer to the medical condition where the body
accumulates so much fat that it becomes risky to the overall health of the
person. While there are people whose genetic make-up causes their bodies to
accumulate more fat than is needed the majority of people who are
overweight become so due to a combination of factors such as indulging in
high calorie diets and lack of exercise. Let us examine some ways people
become obese.

One way is to eat diets that are high in calories. This happen when people
do not watch what they eat or eating at fast food joints. In order to combat
obesity, one needs to watch their diet. This means being vigilant when it
comes to shopping and making sure that the calorie intake is controlled.

Another reason why people become overweight is because they lack exercise.
We live in a world where people drive almost everywhere they go including
short distances. Coupled with high calorie diets, obesity is the next
logical step. But there are ways to ensure that you lose weight and have the
splendid body that you’ve always wanted for 2009.

One of those ways is to educate you regarding diet and to eat smart. This
means knowing what you are buying when you’re shopping and reading material
regarding the right diet. The Internet has great sites that show the best
diet sites that are available.

The other way is to do exercise. This does not mean getting into the gym.
You can start by simply jogging, walking or swimming in your own
neighborhood. Simple push-ups, sit-ups and bench presses can be excellent.
If you have extra money to spare, you can hire a personal fitness trainer
who can help you achieve your goals.

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