How to Get Rid of 20 Pounds of Fat Instantly and Permanently!

If you are like me, you have probably been on several diets, most of which have proved useless. It is not an uncommon situation; in fact a recent study points out that most people spend far more time in selecting the best diet program for themselves than sticking to one. Usually people start dieting with a lot of energy and enthusiasm but when they don’t see the expected results, that enthusiasm and energy gives way to disappointment and frustration.

These people think that all this while they have been on a useless diet. What they do next is just hop on to the next diet program which seems to make a bigger promise than the former. If you are like this then you really need to read this article. I have written this article keeping in mind only those individuals who need to lose twenty pounds or more!

Here are the three steps to help you get started:

1. Imagine yourself as the thin individual you want to be: If you think that this trick doesn’t work then you are plain wrong! When you imagine your future and visualize yourself with a sexy body then it become easier to reach your goal. So take your time to imagine how you want to be like. Do you want to be like Jessica Alba or Kate Hudson? Or maybe you just want to look like your best buddy. Either way, this is the very first step you need to take!

For some individuals, imagination doesn’t work very effectively. In my case, I not only took help from my power of visualization, but did something else: I hang my photo along with that of a celebrity I wanted to be like. You know what, from that day onwards I became more resolved and firm to reach my weight loss goal than ever before!

2. Have it in black and white: No matter how honest you are with yourself, nothing comes close to writing your goals in black and white. When you write down your goals, you are more likely to remember and stick to them than otherwise!

Once again, I can back my statement with a recent study which found out that people who wrote down their weight loss goals were able to lose weight four times faster than those who didn’t! Why do you think this could happen? Simple: when you don’t write your goals, you are likely to forget about them one day and quit your diet program!

3. Pick your diet: Not any fad diet mind you – they claim big but are absolutely worthless. You might lose some pounds with their help but that is NOT fat loss and you would regain that ‘lost’ weight sometime or later.

Instead of wasting time on fad diets, I recommend you consult with a doctor and follow his suggested diet program. Or you can even try something like Medifast which has worked wonders for millions for people!

Once you follow these three steps, it won’t take you long to acquire the slim and sexy body you crave so much for!

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