How people accumulate belly fat

In previous centuries, the roles of men and women were very involving. Men went out and hunted for food, build houses and fought potential enemies and threats to their communities. The women on the other hand worked hard in taking care of the children, clean the house and make sure everything went well in the home. This kind of lifestyle ensured that when families came together for the evening meal, they were very tired and had expended a lot of energy and burnt a lot of calories. That is not the same today. People now go to offices and sit all day behind a desk. Then when coming home they go the parking lot and get into their cars and drive home. This means that it is very easy, especially looking at today’s high calorie diets, to accumulate an unhealthy amount of fat.

When someone begins to accumulate fat, it mostly goes to the belly. So we have seen that one of the reasons why people end up with excess fat is because of living a lifestyle that does not afford them to enough activity. While there are many gymnasiums now and some are even free and located in the apartments, people have no time to frequent them. This can be because of a fast lifestyle where people work sometimes two or three jobs and also go to school. When they get home, they are simply too tired to even think of spending at least 30 minutes at the gym.

Eating unwisely also contributes to obesity and belly fat. By eating unwisely we mean that many people simply buy food and eat it without regards to what it contains. There is an excellent food pyramid website that is maintained by the USFDA that has a wealth of information on how to structure your diet.

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