How do you know which diet is right?

A Diet is really the food that you consume on daily basis. But one should know which diet or food is right for maintaining the ideal weight or losing the excess weight in order to stay fit and healthy. Being overweight and obese is highly harmful as they pave the way for numerous health problems.

It is needless to mention that the major reason for people getting hypertension, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes at a young age is excess weight. Rapid weight loss is of importance for obese people because the longer the weight stays on the more problems arise.

The diet that provides all the required nutrients, does not have anything in excess, does not result in overweight, and keeps you agile all through the day is a diet full of fruits and vegetables. The diet can be a single food item or mixture of food items.

Below is the model diet program, which is perfect for maintaining the ideal weight by losing the excess weight, stored in the body. By following this diet plan rapid weight loss is possible.

Day one

This being the first day of the diet program that you are going to follow; you need to prepare the body system for the detox. Consume only fresh fruit on day one.

The fruit consumed will provide all the required nutrition. Fruits are nature’s gift. They are well balanced as far as nutritive requirement are concerned. A high consumption of fruit was very common thousands of years ago. Fruit is the best for rapid weight loss. Try to consume 9-10 servings for the day. You will probably be hungry, but dig deep.

Day two

In the morning you need to consume carbohydrate rich foods that are mixed with oil. This could be whole grain oatmeal with flax see or oil sprinkled on top. This is for the energy and balance requirement. Only vegetables should be consumed for the rest of the day. Vegetables are energy free but rich in fiber and other nutrients. Vegetables are very good source of minerals and vitamins.

Day three

You can consume fruits and vegetables on day three. It is better to avoid potatoes as the required energy can be received from fruits. On day three your system will start burning the excess calories stored. You may have a craving for regular food. You should try to control your craving which is essential for rapid weight loss. The craving will start reducing from day four. Find something else to focus on and persevere.

Day four

You are allowed to consume rice or soymilk, bananas and soup. The bananas are very important as they replenish the potassium you might have lost already. The bananas are also good source of sodium. You are sure to feel reduced appetite and reduced craving for sweets. Once the appetite is reduced rapid weight loss can be achieved without any fuss.

Day five
You can breathe easy on day five as you are allowed to eat potatoes and beans. The beans will provide protein and iron that is required. The potatoes are for energy and fiber. The potatoes also help in digestion. You will be surprised to note colorless urine on day five. This is the indication that your body is purified.

Day six
You should consume vegetables and beans. The vegetables you know that it provides vitamins and fiber. The minerals and protein requirement is catered by beans. By day six your system is perfectly ready for weight loss. You could see noticeable difference in look and weight when compared to day one.

Day seven

You can go for your normal foods. You are allowed to consume the food you like but the quantity must be minimal and the frequency can be increased. From here on weight loss is just easy, as you have tuned your body to weight loss mode. The best result is to consume fruits, vegetables and beans everyday. Stay away from cow’s milk, too much wheat, and too much corn

You can be assured if you follow the diet plan mentioned rapid weight loss is a possibility.

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