Holiday Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms

If you are a busy mom: that is, a working mother, then your chances of gaining some extra pounds during the holiday season is very high! There are so many ways a busy mom can gain weight. In this article I will tell you how to stay fit and healthy in the holiday season no matter how busy you are! For example, if you are too busy to even sit for your breakfast, chances are that you go to office on a hungry stomach.

Chances are also that you don’t pack healthy meals with yourself for your lunch. Therefore, when you feel hungry, there is no better way to stuff yourself than checking into your office canteen or a nearby fast food stall, and gorge on as much junk as possible! There is another thing to keep in mind here.

When you skip your meals, your body would think that there is a famine out there which is the reason behind the inadequate food supply. Naturally, it would move into a starvation mode in order to save itself from untimely death. What it would is store fat instead of burning it – exactly the opposite of what you would like it to do! So when you skip your meals, you can gain weight in multiple ways! Or maybe you are disgruntled and stressed out and need some comfort.

What better way to comfort yourself than by eating spicy junk foods! Believe it or not, a lot of busy moms gain weight because of emotional eating! So what is the way out? Efficient meal planning! Keep in mind that you are more likely to eat junk foods if you have nothing better to eat; so whenever you go to your office, make sure to pack your bag with dried nuts and fruits.

There is no excuse for not taking these foods along with you since you won’t have to spend hours in cooking them! Plus, since they are rich in fiber, they would help you keep full for a long time, thereby reducing the chances of junk food eating! If you want to have some chocolate then DO NOT deprive yourself of it by thinking that you might end up gaining some extra pounds! Believe it or not, if you deprive yourself of your favorite foods, you would eventually gain more weight than what you’d lose! So what is the best way to tackle your sweet cravings? Instead of having a large chocolate bar, have a smaller bar, or even better, buy a few smaller toffees instead! Make sure to allow the toffee to melt slowly in your moth instead of chewing it; that way your sugary cravings would be fully satiated!

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