Have You Ever Wanted To Try a Colon Cleanser

When ever I talk to people about a colon cleanser, I always get a mixed bag of responses. Some people cleanse the colon on a regular basis, others don’t even know what colon cleansing is and have no desire to even try it.

If you talk to most Gastroenterologists they will be unanimous on saying colon cleansing is a lot of un validated science, yet if you talk to people who have cleansed their colon they swear by it and will cleanse their colon at least yearly.

I thought a great experiment would be to do a colon cleanse myself and document on my blog daily to the exent of what changes are happening while I am cleansing.

So to get things started I have bought a full cleanse throught the following link: www.thedoctoristhin.com/coloncleanse. I recieve both the colon cleanse and the toxic cleanse today and plan on starting them on Monday. I am even going to go one step further and add a 7 day juice fast to the whole process.

This way you will get to see what happens, if I have any weight loss, improvement in my overall healthy and well-being and my conclusions to the benefit of cleansing the colon.

I will start my posts on Monday and will either update you daily on how the colon cleanse is going or at least every other day.

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