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It might be hard for some people to believe, but snacking is actually good for us. Doctors tend to advise that we snack during the day. Snacking gives us that boost of energy that we need. The problem is, most people snack with the wrong types of food. They will snack with potato chips or with candy. While that is okay from time to time, I wouldn’t make a big habit out of it. I would like to think that the best approach to the bad things is this. Eat them one day of the week.

Have the chips on Saturday while you are watching the game. You will enjoy them more during the game than you would at your desk. So, what should you eat for a snack? Don’t run to the burger joints or to the vending machine at work. Neither of those places have what you are looking for. First I would suggest that you take a look at what your over all diet is. More importantly, how much coffee you are drinking. If you are drinking too much coffee, I would recommend that you cut back and start to eat more fruit.

I would never suggest to you that you eat the energy bars that they sell in the health food store. I think if you are snacking during work or at home, you don’t need such a thing. Maybe if you are hitting the gym, but if you are hitting the keyboard at work, there is no need for them. All you are doing is wasting your money. This is what I do. I cut up a variety of veggies and put them in plastic sandwich bags. I might cut up celery, bell pepper, carrots, and so forth. Anything that you will eat is okay to put in your snack pouches. That is what I call them, my snack pouches. I also keep a salt shaker in my desk. I find that I am more likely to eat the veggies if I put a little salt on them. Try it, you will be amazed at how good they taste.

I try to keep some whole fruit on hand. What I mean by whole fruit is… Things such as peaches and apples. I don’t keep any canned fruit at work. Sometimes I will get those fruit cups and put those in my desk. If you do that, make sure that you get the ones without the sugar added. By nature I am a tight wad. So I don’t buy the fruit cups very often. I find that I can make the same thing for much less money. What I will do is make my own fruit cocktail.

Here is how I do it.
I take a few peaches and slice them. I take a handful of grapes and put them in. I don’t chop them up, but I do wash them. Then I cut up a few pears and throw them in. Then I peal and slice some banana. I might throw in some kiwi or some apples. You can add whatever you like. I didn’t give exact measurements because you should put how ever much in as you like. Don’t like bananas? Don’t put any in yours!

If you have ever eaten the stuff in the stores, you know that there is a little fluid in the can. Some times this is heavy syrup. Basically that is water and sugar. I am sure we all have seen this before. I find that when I eat my own fruit cocktail I miss that liquid. What I do instead is, I add some orange juice to my fruit cocktail. This gives me the wetness that I crave without having to add a bunch of calories by adding sugar. Try it, you will be amazed.

Yogurt can also be a great snack to get you through the day. Try to get the low fat variety. Make sure not to get the ones with the fruit on the bottom. Sometimes they add sugar and that is calories you don’t need. Get plain yogurt or get the vanilla kind. You can throw in what ever fruit that you like. I like strawberries in mine. I would suggest that you think about getting a food dehydrator. You can use these for all kinds of things. The nice thing is, you can dry fruit in them. I love to take a bunch of dried fruit and throw it into my desk. It won’t spoil for a long time. Your coworkers will make sure that it isn’t around long enough to spoil. They will keep asking you for some every time they see you.

Another little treat that I like to do is bring some whole wheat crackers along with me. Make sure you get the ones that aren’t loaded with fat. Some of the snack crackers are. I drink a little orange juice with my whole wheat crackers. That is one of my favorite snacks.

Snacking is a bad thing. I recommend that all of you snack. Make sure though, that when you snack, you are eating healthy. You will notice the difference in no time.

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