Fat Burning Exercises for 2009

Obesity is one of the most dangerous conditions one can have. It affects over 40% of the entire US population and the problem is spreading to other parts of the world. This is because we live in a society where there is little time to exercise, then we compound these by eating high calorie diets and also do little or no exercise. Obesity is termed as a condition where the body accumulates more fat than it actually needs thereby creating a health risk. Obesity is measured in what is called BMI or the body mass index which is the amount of weight in relation to height. A BMI of 25 or more is considered overweight. Obesity may appear like a trivial thing but it actually kills close to half a million people in the US alone. But many people have become determined that in the year 2009, they will lose the extra weight and be on their way to a leaner and healthier body. But what exercises can one undertake to burn fat
One of the best exercises to burn fat is walking. This means that one need not necessarily enroll in a gym. Walking can be done by round the block, along the road or just make it a habit to walk for short distances instead of driving. For those who live in the country this can be an extra time out to meditate and even clear your mind not to mention that it can be good for sightseeing.

Another exercise that is related to walking is jogging. You can get good running shoes and make it a habit to jog even half a mile every morning. Again if you live in the country this can be an ideal to clear your mind in readiness for the day. If you are an older person, then you might want to consult with your doctor before

Enrolling in a gym is also another way you can lose weight easily. Exercises such as bench presses can work mightily in helping you shed those excess pounds especially because in a gym there are others like yourself that can motivate you.

If you have belly fat issues, which are almost always the case when someone is struggling with obesity, simple daily sit ups can go a long way in ensuring that you lose those pounds. This coupled by good eating habits can put you well on your way to shrinking your belly and lose fat.

It is recommended that before you do some of these exercises, you consult your doctor or chiropractor because some people might have bone structure issues especially if one is struggling with arthritis.

Another one of the best exercises to lose weight is to go to a sports store and purchase a exercise machine. In many of these stores there are capable staff that can help you with any questions you might have and help you make the purchase for the exact machine you need.

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