Does Lepto Trim Really Help in Weight Loss? An Honest Review

Unless you have been living under a hard rock, you must have heard of Lepto Trim. This is a special weight loss product which claims to help you lose over forty pounds of solid fat in just thirty days! No, don’t jump to buy it yet! From my experience I have found that almost always such allegations turn out to be baseless, and the product with the most over-the top claim fares most poorly in reality!

Generating over-the-top hype is not uncommon among the marketers of weight loss products and supplements, and I know only too well that most of them are just a waste of money! As far as Lepto Trim is concerned, I and my weight loss team did receive a few complaints regarding this product, but we decided to brush them aside and do our own investigation. In this article I will tell you about our findings!

During our research, we came across several red flags regarding this product. For example, unlike conventional weight loss products, it contains only one ingredient: Asparagus. Yep, a lone ingredient makes up the whole of a weight loss product which claims to help you lose more than 40 pounds in just one month!

We were even more surprised when we found no proof of the effectiveness of Asparagus in weight loss. From what we found, Asparagus doesn’t help you either burn fat, enhance metabolism, suppress hunger, or block fat -things which would aid in weight loss!

Before we branded this product as total scam, we decided to dig a little deeper, and found that Asparagus is actually a diuretic. For your information, diuretics such as caffeine and Asparagus flush out excess water from your body, making you dehydrated.

This way you would be fooled into thinking that you are losing weight, while you are actually losing just water weight which would come back to you as soon as to quit the diet and return to normal eating! As a matter of fact, most of the weight loss products which promise ultra-fast weight loss have at least one diuretic as ingredient!

We could have stopped at this point, but decided to take a look at what the actual users of Lepto Trim were saying. Like I said, I had received a few negative complaints regarding this product earlier; so we decided to dig further by visiting consumer forums and searching for the product name. What we found out astonished us completely! Until now we only knew that the product is a scam, but after looking at the consumer complaints, we came to the conclusion that the entire company is run by scamsters!

One consumer complained that he paid for the product but it hasn’t been delivered to the customer even after several months have passed since the order! He contacted the company’s customer support but without success. As of this writing, the product is yet to be delivered to him!

The only positive aspect of this product is that it is free from side-effects, but truth to be told, it is a complete waste of money! We were very surprised to learn that the product is very costly! We thought: if fake products cost so much, what about the genuine ones?

Obviously I would advise you against buying Lepto Trim, unless of course you are interested in wasting your money. The good news is that you don’t really need to spend money on any weight loss product or pill; all you need to do is to eat right and workout regularly, both of which are free!

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