Do Fruits Cause Weight Gain?

The weight loss industry is chock full of information – good information and bad information. Often I find very ridiculous concepts floating around in this industry! One such ridiculous concept is that if you eat fruits, you would become fat. I’d probably laugh it off, since I have been eating fruits since infancy and still haven’t gained weight, but at the same time I know that others might be confused by this statement. In this article I am going to clear up the air for you!

First of all, if you eat natural fruits, I don’t think you could gain weight, ever! Now, as a matter of fact, fruits available these days are not 100% natural, even if you pluck them directly from the trees! To protect fruits from insects, several types of harmful pesticides are sprayed on these trees, which in turn make their fruits ‘unnatural’! Then again, food vendors often apply preservatives and other harmful chemicals on fruits so as to preserve them for a long time.

Now these chemicals are so harmful that they could alter your body’s hormonal balance! When that happens, it is possible that your body would start functioning abnormally! As an example, your metabolic rate may slow down, or your thyroid gland might become inactive, all of which would cause weight gain! So it could be said that fruits contribute to obesity, even if indirectly.

Secondly, even if these fruits didn’t contain harmful pesticides and other chemicals, you would still gain weight if you eat too many fruits at a time. Overeating is the number one cause of obesity, and this applies to fruits as well! When I said I didn’t gain weight by eating fruits, I forgot to mention that I ate (and still eat) fruits in moderation.

If you consume too many calories in the form of fruits or fruit juices, you would gain weight, even if those fruits and fruit juices are 100% organic and natural! As long as you exercise moderation and self-discipline, there is not any possibility of you gaining weight through fruits!

You probably already know that fruits contain carbohydrates. Although those carbohydrates are much better than what you get from sugary foods, they could still prove harmful if you consume too much of them! When you eat too many fruits, the level of insulin would increase to a high level. This would in turn prompt your body to convert those carbs into fat, which in turn would make you fat!

So remember that the rule of ‘moderation’ applies to every food, even to natural and healthy fruits!

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