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Check Out My Problem.

Just like the Majority of the People, I am very conscious of my Weight,so with so many Diet (Lose Weight) Fads on the go these days , it’s so hard to know which one to choose , if any at all. As for myself , I have tried them all, and all I ever Lost of any Significance was …You got it…. “Money”.

However, always wanting to Lose that Extra few pounds and feel good about myself,especially with Summer approaching…I went Surfing on the Net and discovered two brand New Lose Weight Programs.

Being the ever Curious one, I started to read the first one called The Accelerated Fat Burning Program . What they had to say seemed to be quite interesting to me ..”You need to eat more than 3 times per day to lose weight,it’s not really any more complicated than that, and the way to start losing weight has nothing to do with starving yourself or jogging.You probably find it hard to believe that eating more than 3 times per day could be the solution to speeding up weight loss, right’?

Sounded pretty good to me, Eat more than 3 times a day and No exercise.Perfect for me …I thought.

They Almost had me Sold…Until, guess what? …my Curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the very next Link in the Search engine.To my Surprise, I discovered yet another brand new Weight Loss Program this one was called …Eat Stop Eat.

So I thought …Why not Check this one out too?…Its always good to get at least Two different Opinions…but was I in for a Shock!!

This Program told me…Are You Ready For This?….That I had to do the Exact Opposite as The Accelerated Fat Burning Program. It basically said…”that if you Stop Eating …You will Lose Weight, and Burn Stubborn Body Fat…All while preserving your Metabolism.People need to understand the amazing Weight Loss results they can get by using a simple combination of flexible periods of intermittent Fasting and Weight Training.”

So now you see my Problem. Just when I thought I had found a Great New Idea , one that actually seemed to make sense in helping me Lose Weight..along comes a Totally Different Idea, one that just might work.So now, I am Confused as heck, as in which one I should try? which one would work?and which one should I really Invest my Money in?

To Eat or Not To Eat ….That is the Million Dollar Question.!!

As anybody out there , ever tried either of these ?

The Accelerated Fat Burning Program


Eat Stop Eat

or have any Advice for me in Helping me make the Right Decision?

I would like to know if either is worth the Money ?

Thanks Everyone for taking the time to Help me Out,I really appreciate it.

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