5 Keys to a Successful Weight Loss Plan

As America’s obesity epidemic continues to spiral out of control, more and more people are looking for a successful weight loss plan.  The problem begins with the fact that there are thousands of such plans claiming to help you lose weight.  It can be a seemingly impossible task to determine which plans actually work.  There are, however, some key aspects to successful plans.  Here are five keys to a successful weight loss plan:

1.  Above all else, a successful weight loss plan should have its foundation layed upon solid science.  This doesn’t mean that a successful plan has to necessarily be at the forefront of weight-loss science, but its fundamentals must be based upon proven results.  This can be as simple as a proven strategy for cutting calories, an effective workout routine, or the incorporation of new weight loss medicine into your program.

2.  With regards to diet, specifically, you should look for a plan that shows you how to follow a low calorie and high fiber diet.  Obviously, you want to follow a low-calorie plan.  But why high fiber?  Recent studies have confirmed that a diet high in fiber tends to fill a person up quicker than a diet low in fiber.  Therefore, when eating high fiber foods, you will become fuller quicker.

3.  A successful weight loss plan must also incorporate a properly balanced exercise routine.  Typical cardiovascular exercises, such as running, swimming, and bicycling, must be included to burn calories.  But equally important, is that a strength training routine also be part of the weight-loss program.  This is vital, because muscle burns calories at a much quicker rate than fat.  If you can successfully add muscle mass to your frame, then you will be burning more calories by doing the same cardiovascular exercises.  They are two sides of the same coin.

4.  Another aspect of the successful weight loss plan should include firm planning.  Without solid goals in mind, you are almost guaranteeing failure in trying to lose weight.  Not only should goals be results oriented, such as losing a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time, but also process oriented.  For example, you would want one of your goals to focus on maintaining your planned diet for a certain amount of time.

5.  A final key to a successful weight loss program is including proper motivation.  While it is true that you are the only one who can properly motivate yourself to lose weight, there are certain tools you can be equipped with to achieve that motivation.  Techniques like keeping a journal or losing weight with the group of friends can vastly improve the motivation you feel to lose weight.

Every successful weight loss plan is comprised of many different aspects.  However, there are certain number of key components that you will find every successful plan uses.  Relying upon a solid scientific background, incorporating proper diet and exercise, planning with firm goals in mind, and utilizing proper motivational techniques are five such key aspects of a successful weight loss plan.

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