5 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

As more and more scientific evidence points towards the health benefits of losing weight, people are increasingly altering their diets to achieve healthy bodies.  While maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is surely the most fundamental aspect of losing weight, there are some specific foods one can eat to dramatically improve weight loss results.  Here are five of them:

1.  It may be so simple that you have overlooked it in your diet.  Water is the number one food you can use to help you lose weight.  Not only is water vital to all your bodies systems, but many times you can stave off hunger simply by drinking a glass.  Additionally, replacing just two cans of cola with water per day can shave off almost a pound of body fat per week!

2.  Cereals high in fiber and low in fat are another very powerful group of foods that will help you lose weight.  Recommending low-fat foods for those trying to lose weight is not new — however, recent studies have shown that foods high in fiber tends to fill people up for longer periods of time than those foods lacking fiber.  By adding a high-fibe,r low-fat cereal to your diet, not only will you be delivering valuable nutrients to your body, but you will also be able to go longer between meals without feeling hungry.

3.  You may have heard of a number of different artificial sweeteners claiming to help you lose weight.  One in particular, xylitol, is a particularly powerful food that can help you with your weight loss.  A naturally occurring sugar alcohol, xylitol’s glycemic index is only 7% of that of table sugar.  This means that the energy contained in xylitol is released more gradually into your system then the energy contained in table sugar.  Add that to the fact that xylitol only has two thirds of the calories of table sugar, and you can see why it is such a powerful fat burning food.

4.  Spicy foods containing capsacian can also help you lose weight.  You’ve probably noticed when eating particularly spicy foods that your appetite decreases.  Using this to your advantage, you will be able to eat less and still feel full.  There are also a preliminary studies suggesting that spicy foods actually increase your body’s metabolism, thereby burning more calories than normal.

5.  Candy bars can also help you lose weight.  No, I’ve not gone crazy.  It is important to reward yourself at times for staying on track with your weight loss diet.  The way to do this is to have small prepackaged portions of candy or chocolate available.  By using small prepackaged portions, you run much less risk of binging on your favorite reward snack.

Proper diet is the most fundamental aspect of a weight loss program, and you should strive to keep your diet as healthy and balanced as possible. However, by using some of these powerful fat burning foods when you can, your weight loss results are sure to skyrocket.

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