5 Easy Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain!

Holiday is the time when a lot of people gain unnecessary weight. Even those who are otherwise trim and slim gain a few pounds during this season. So what is the reason behind it? When the holiday season arrives, people think that it is okay to indulge themselves a bit in delicious foods<and almost always these delicious foods turn out to be junk foods.

From candies to cakes to turkeys to eggnogs, there are so many options available to satiate your junk food cravings! Unfortunately though, there is a flip side to this enjoyment: you gain weight! But it doesn’t have to be like this, provided that you follow what I advise you in this article.

Believe it or not, you CAN break out of this norm of ‘holiday weight gain’ by following a few simple tips:

1. Don’t attend parties on a hungry stomach: Hunger begets food cravings, and food cravings force you to gorge on junk foods. Since hunger is the source of all problems, it makes sense to get rid of it before you attend parties. Make sure to eat a full meal at home before you go out. And by the way, this meal would consist of only healthy foods such as natural fruits, vegetables, lean chicken meat, nuts, eggs, etc!

2. Food is not the only source of enjoyment: Do you hit a party simply to eat lots and lots of junk foods? Then you could as well hit a fast food restaurant instead of a party! People attend parties to enjoy themselves and have a nice time, and even though food is one source of enjoyment, it is not the ONLY source of enjoyment available in the party.

Meet old buddies, talk to them and immerse yourself in the conversation in such a way that you forget about food altogether! I know this sounds crazy, but it IS possible, provided that you are self-disciplined and strong-willed!

3. Monitor your drinks: People might believe that drinks are calorie-free, but that is simply not true! Try to avoid alcohol as much as you can, as it would make you fat very quickly! Try to concentrate on non-alcoholic beverages and low-calorie drinks! This way you would be able to keep your weight under control!

4. Don’t attend all parties: Just because you get an invitation doesn’t mean that you have to attend each and every party! Focus only on the parties hosted by your friends and relatives and skip the rest!

5. Eat light: Whenever possible, you should prefer light stuff over heavier foods, as light foods are usually low on calorie. For example, if you are offered danish and cookie, accept the cookie and decline the danish. There maybe exceptions to this rule in which case, you would need to exercise your discretion!

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