4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Even Before Christmas Arrives!

So you have noticed that perfect dress at your local store but couldn’t have it because it is only for those whose body weight is 10 pounds less than yours? Do you think that it is too hard to lose those 10 pounds? If yes then you cannot be further from the truth! In this article I will tell you how to lose those ten pounds so fast that by the time Christmas approaches you won’t even be able to recognize yourself in the mirror!

At the time of writing this article, there are just four weeks left for Christmas to arrive. You might be thinking that it is too short a time to lose those extra pounds, but you are wrong! I will tell you about certain weight loss strategies which would help you lose almost seven pounds within the very first week! After that, if you lose pounds at the average rate of 2 pounds per week, you would need only a couple of weeks to get healthy and fit!

1. Never skip your breakfast: This is the very first step you need to follow-NEVER skip your meals and more importantly, do not ever make the mistake of skipping your breakfast! People who try to fast or survive on just a piece of lemon or a bowl of cabbage soup are seldom able to lose weight successfully!

You see, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs it because it has been hungry since the night you slept. Now, if you skip breakfast, you will become a hungry wolf and gorge on just about everything you could lay your hands on!

This won’t happen if you have healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning. Make sure to include foods such as low-fat yogurt, banana, eggs, oats, muesli, etc., in your breakfast meal!

2. Eat small: If you want to achieve fast weight loss, eating in smaller quantities is the way to go! Eating a large meal is of no use if your body is unable to fully utilize all the calories it gets from that meal; for your body would store all excess calories as fat!
On the other hand, if you eat in small quantities at regular intervals, your body would receive adequate supply of energy which would be neither too less nor too much! Your body would be able to burn off this extra energy very easily and you won’t get fatter!

3. Don’t count calories but make sure the calories are healthy: Calorie counting is a boring way to lose weight; no doubt that people quit those diet programs which ask them to count their calorie intake! A better option is to make sure that all the calories your body is getting are from natural fruits and vegetables and not junk or sugary foods! When the calorie comes from healthy foods, you are less likely to gain weight!

4. Be sure to drink a lot of water: Believe it or not, weight loss would become a lot easier if you drink enough water throughout the day! When your body gets adequate water supply, it would keep your metabolic rate high and start burning fat at rocket speed!

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