31 Calorie Burning Activities

For an individual who is overweight, exercising to lose that weight is one of the most rewarding activities he/she will ever embark upon.  However, there are literally thousands of activities you can do to burn calories.  It can be intimidating, to say the least, wondering where to start with such a varied array of exercises.  There are certain activities, though, that can take calorie burning to a whole different level. Listed below are the top X ways to burn calories (note: number of calories burned per activity assume a body weight of 150 pounds and exercise time of 30 minutes).

These activities can be split up into three general groups: Gym activities, training and sports activities, and daily life activities. The top gym activites for burning calories include:

Vigorously riding a stationary bicycle — 358 calories
Step aerobics using a ten to twelve inch step — 341 calories
Stairstep machine without using the hand rails — 307 calories
Vigorously using a stationary rowing machine — 289 calories
Step aerobics using a six to eight inch step — 289 calories
General vigorous calisthenics — 273 calories
Using an elliptical trainer — 245 calories

The top trading and sports activities for burning calories include:

Running at ten mph — 545 calories
Bicycle lane at twenty miles an hour — 545 calories
Rollerblading — 426 calories
Bicycling at sixteen to nineteen miles an hour — 409 calories
Running at seven miles an hour — 392 calories
Bicycling at fifteen miles an hour — 341 calories
Vigorously swimming laps — 341 calories
Practicing Martial Arts — 341 calories
Running at five miles an hours — 307 calories
Playing competetive football — 307 calories
BMX or mountain biking — 290 calories
Vigorously downhill skiing — 282 calories

The top daily life activities for burning calories include:

Moving household furniture — 205 calories
Shoveling snow — 205 calories
Mowing lawn with a push mower — 187 calories
Digging dirt — 170 calories
Hanging storm windows — 170 calories
Caulking windows — 153 calories
Playing moderately active child games — 136 calories
Bathing your dog — 119 calories
Vacuuming — 119 calories
Washing your car — 102 calories
Reading a book — 34 calories
Sleeping — 31 calories

As you can see, there are a number of activities which can be employed to lose weight.  The most effective exercises may not be a surprise to you — running, bicycling, and step aerobics are at the top.  But you may have been surprised to read that you can burn 136 calories just by playing with the child for a half hour.  By using this list you will be able to custom tailor your workout routine to your exact needs.

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