3 Surefire Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

You might be thinking about shutting yourself out from the world and staying in your cubbyhole during the whole holiday season just so that there is no temptation for you to attend holiday parties and gain weight that way! But let me tell you that there is no need to make your life miserable out of fear of weight gain!

Heck, people gain weight simply because they don’t follow the three basic healthy eating tricks that I am going to tell you about in this article! By using these tricks, you can enjoy the holidays to your heart’s content while staying fit at the same time!

1. Eat organic: People hate organic foods such as vegetables and fruits, and more so during the holiday season so that they could keep their stomachs empty for the tasty junk foods that they are going to gorge on at parties! Keep in mind that it is one of the reasons why people gain weight at the end of holidays! If you keep yourself full by eating natural fruits and vegetables, you will eat fewer junk foods! Being low on calories, these natural foods won’t make you fat either!

2. Cut down on holiday drinks: A lot of drinks available at the holiday parties are nothing but full of empty calories which make a person gain weight by leaps and bounds! One example of such a drink is alcohol. Among all alcoholic drinks, I would suggest that you specifically monitor your eggnog intake! Sure, eggnog is one of the tastiest holiday drinks available, but behind that taste exists an ugly reality which you may not be aware of: it is extremely rich in calories! In fact, even if you drink just one or two pegs it is not unnatural for a few pounds to be added to your body that way! So keep your eggnog intake under control!

3. Avoid emotional eating: By emotional eating I mean eating for the purpose of deriving comfort from foods rather than out of hunger! Of course, the reality is that food can never be a source of comfort to you; if anything, it could only bring distress by making you overweight!

Often people end up overeating because they have nothing better to do! If you indulge yourself in various activities such as hobbies, sports, crafts, etc, your chances of gaining weight are minimal!  Also, when you attend a party, try to chat up with your old buddies rather than going after foods; you would avoid weight gain that way!

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