3 Important Facts about Weight Loss

The presence of so many myths in the weight loss industry surprises me to no end! One example of such a myth is that total elimination of carbs leads to successful weight loss. What surprises me even more is that these myths are taught apparently by ‘weight loss experts’ themselves. In this article I will tell you about three important facts of weight loss that you may not be aware of!

1. Weight maintenance is more important than weight loss: You know what, since you are now struggling with weight loss, it seems to be the most difficult thing for you, right? What you may not be aware of is the fact that maintaining the weight you’ve ‘lost’ is even more difficult than losing weight. I can give you scores of examples where people have lost weight successfully but gained it later because they fell into old habits! To make sure that you are at your ideal weight at all the times, it is important that you look beyond the scales. You need to know your BMI as well as your fat-to-muscle ratio. The less fat and more muscles you have, the better for you!

Once you are able to lose weight as well as maintain that slim figure, it will enhance your looks. You will not only become more attractive, but also healthier!

2. Follow low-carb, not no-carb: Many people will give you the ill-suggestion of eliminating carbs altogether from your diet. These people are of the opinion that carbs are the sole culprit behind weight gain, and once there is a total absence of carbs, weight loss would be easy and quick. This is simply not true! Your body needs energy to perform its daily activities, and remember that the primary source of energy for your body is the crabs. In the absence of carbs, your body will derive energy from your muscles.

You will surely lose weight, but that would be as a result of muscle loss. You won’t lose the thing you really need to: that is, fat!

Instead of eliminating carbs altogether, try to follow a low-carb diet!

4. There is no viable quick weight loss program: With a new fad diet pill or weight loss program coming up almost every month, it is easy to get sucked into the hype and believe that you can really lose 20 pounds in three weeks! However, if you look beyond the hype, you will realize that most of them don’t work. They will surely help you lose weight quickly, but only forĀ  a temporary period. When you stop their usage to return back to your normal eating habits, you will gain back all the ‘lost’ weight.

And it is only natural. When you didn’t gain weight within a couple of weeks, how can you expect to lose the same within that timeframe?

The best way to lose weight permanently is by following a healthy diet and an effective exercise regimen. There is no second opinion on that!

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