3 Easy Ways to Lose Holiday Pounds

This article is aimed at those who gain a few pounds every year during the holiday season. First of all, let me tell you that there is nothing to feel bad about it as it can happen with anyone and everyone. I am sure there are many people out there who have this habit of gaining a few pounds in the holiday season and then losing them in summer. In this article I will tell you how to shed those extra pounds you gain in the holiday season!

Regardless of whatever you do, never try to deprive yourself completely of your favorite foods as it would harm you more than help! When you abstain totally from eating your favorite junk foods, you start suffering from ‘junk food cravings’. Those carvings would only increase with time until there would come a point when it would become almost impossible for you to control your cravings!

At this time you would open up your refrigerator, and eat all the junk foods stocked up there! This is a quick way to gain some extra pounds over and above what you already have!

Here are the three holiday weight loss tips for you:

1. Exercise self-control: Holidays are the time when we get to see a lot of delicious foods floating around. We feel that if we don’t have a bite of these foods, we would be miserable for the whole day. So that is what you should do – take just ONE bite of each of the foods you like and stop it at that point; don’t eat any further!

2. Use smaller plates: Another thing you can do is to start using plates which are smaller than the ones you normally use; this is yet another way to control your food intake, and there is no sense of ‘deprivation’ either!

More often than not, it is easier to satiate our stomach than the mind. Very often, even when we don’t need any more food, our mind would tell us that we are still hungry! If you put very little food on a large plate, your mind would send a message to your brain that you are eating ‘less’, but put the same amount of food on a smaller plate and your mind would become satiated!

This is a simple ‘psychological trick’ that not many people use!

3. Don’t set unrealistic goals: If you set unrealistic weight loss goals for yourself, you would be tempted to take the help of fad diets which promise you quick weight loss! Those fad diets would put you on several unreasonable food restrictions and there would inevitably come a point where you would no longer want to follow your diet program any further! Ultimately, you would be heading towards failure and nothing else!

Just because you have a lot of pounds to lose doesn’t mean that you would have to lose them all overnight! You can space it out and lose no more than two or three pounds per week; anything more than that is harmful for your health!

As for weight loss methods, I would recommend you the good old combination of healthy eating and regular exercises; this has worked for thousands of overweight people and therefore, would work for you as well!

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