2 Things I Did to Keep My Weight Loss Resolution!

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t take one resolution or other during the New Year, and one of the most popular New Year resolutions is the weight loss resolution. Every New Year, millions of people resolve to shed the extra flab and get slimmer, and just a few weeks after that, most of them break their resolutions and get back to their normal (read unhealthy) lifestyle! The result: nada, zilch!

This year too would be no different either. Many would take the same resolution they have probably taken countless number of times before, and once again only a handful people would make it to the slim figure! But why should you follow their trail? In this article I am going to tell you about some of the tools and strategies I used to lose weight successfully!

Yeah, I too had taken countless weight loss but they came to nothing until I started doing the following things!

1. I cleaned up my kitchen and refrigerator: No, I didn’t make them completely empty; rather, I emptied all the junk foods out of them! When the culprits aren’t around the corner, there would be less of a temptation to eat them. Think about it: when are you more likely to eat gobs of ice cream: when it is not at your home and would need to be fetched from a store which is a couple of miles away, or when it is conveniently seated in your refrigerator?

When you would have to make a great effort to indulge in your junk food cravings, you are less likely to eat them and more likely to opt for healthy foods which should already be stocked in your home!

Oh, I totally forgot to tell you: once you clean your kitchen of all the junk and fatty foods, buy lots of natural fruits and eatables and stock them in your kitchen and refrigerator!  I have found that this has helped me a lot in killing my junk food cravings!

2. I started keeping a weight loss journal: To make sure that I was really doing things which were conducive to my weight loss goal, I started keeping a journal in order to keep tab on my daily lifestyle. These days, most weight loss programs automatically offer you a journal for free where you could record all the detailed statistics about yourself, including but not limited to what foods you are eating and what not, what workouts you are doing and how far they have helped you with weight loss, whether you are eating something you shouldn’t, etc., and many other such tidbits.

You can also use it to keep a tab on your body weight, so that you know how far you have progressed and how many more pounds are left to shed! Some people prefer to maintain separate weight loss journals, each for food, exercise, etc., which is fine as well.

The rationale behind maintaining a weight loss journal is that it would act as your moral police by keeping you on the right track, and at the same time would act as your guardian which would lead you towards the path of weight loss success!

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