2 Natural Weight Loss Strategies I Use to Lose Weight Fast After Christmas!

Christmas has gone, and with that, the joy and fragrance that were its sidekicks! But one thing has remained behind – your weight. If you have indulged yourself quite a bit in Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you have stuffed yourself with as much food as you could during the holidays, is it any wonder that you have put on a few extra pounds of weight after Christmas is over?

But there is nothing to worry about. You may or may not believe it, but it is pretty easy to lose the weight you gained in Christmas! How? Well, that is what I am going to discuss in this article!

When we think about weight loss, our instinct tells us to go after the typical fad diets and diet pills which promise us instant weight loss using ‘magical formulas’. Now, as a matter of fact, not only are these options expensive, but most of them don’t work at all! And in this time of recession, why would you spend money on weight loss while you could do it all for free!

1. Drink water: As part of the natural weight loss strategy I follow to lose Christmas weight, I increase my daily water intake. In fact, doctors suggest that an adult should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. While eight glasses of water is what I drink normally, I increase my water intake to about ten or twelve glasses per day when I am on a weight loss mission. I have noticed that I manage to lose a few pounds just by increasing my water intake!

Now you maybe are wondering how something as simple as water could help you with weight loss! As a matter of fact, water helps in removing two huge barriers to weight loss:

a) Dehydration: Needless to say, when you drink enough water, your body would be hydrated at all times, which is ideal for those who want to shed weight quickly!

b) Toxins: Toxins present in your body prevent any weight loss method you undertake from becoming successful! When water flushes out these toxins, your body becomes healthier and lighter. Once your body is relieved of the toxins and wastes, it enhances your metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate is enhanced, you burn fat like crazy and lose weight!

2. Workouts: Diet is something I won’t mention here since people tend to make out a different meaning of this word. Dieting usually means eating healthy and natural foods. But most people believe that they need to follow the ridiculous fad diets for the purpose of weight loss, which is simply not true.

Anyway, let me tell you of yet another natural weight loss method I use to lose weight quickly! I exercise a lot. For your information, I mainly focus on those exercises which help in shaping up my body as well as toning up my muscle groups! I have found that these exercises not only help me achieve quick weight loss but also provide me with a strong, muscular body!

The minimum workout frequency should be 3-4 times per week; if you can do more then that is great! If you are working out on your own without any expert help and guidance, I would suggest that you use ‘cool down’ and ‘warm up’ sessions when exercising! This way you won’t face any serious problem during the workout session!

As you can see, losing Christmas weight is not only easy, but 100% free! Try these weight loss methods and I am sure that by the time the next Christmas comes, you will have a leaner and fitter body to flaunt!

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