2 Easy Ways to Make Christmas Weight Loss Possible!

Christmas is my favorite holiday season-it not only has a warmth and fragrance of its own, but also signals the dawn of a brand new age which is not too far away! But I would agree on one thing: this season is not suitable for those who are obsessed with food – I mean, junk foods.

When Christmas comes, the supply of delicious junk foods increases manifold and these people just jump in to take a bite of just about everything they could see, and eventually they put on some extra weight. Then they blame Christmas for making them overweight!

If you are worried that you would again put on some extra flab this Christmas, I am here to help. In this article I will offer you some quick weight loss tips so as to help you burn all the extra fat away even before Santa visits you!

1. Exercise moderation in food: The obvious thing you need to do is to check your food intake. While you should surely enjoy the foods of the season, you must never go overboard with them and eat too much. Overeating not only messes with the health of your digestive system but also makes you fat! If you are on a diet, remember that your regular calorie restrictions apply as much to the holiday seasonal as to the rest of the year!

2. Exercise moderation in drinks: If you think it is “okay” to drink, you are dead wrong! Drinks contain as much calorie as foods; in fact I would go so far as to say that there are some drinks which contain more calories than some of the fattiest foods available out there! Example of such a drink is alcohol.

We are all familiar with the way the flow of booze goes through the roof during the Christmas season. Barely you would find anyone at a Christmas party who is not sloshed! There is nothing wrong with a little bit of merry-making, but like I said before, you should never go overboard with anything!

You see, just one gram of alcohol contains 7 calories-in fact, I should say: 7 useless and empty calories having no nutritional value! These calories, while providing no real nutrition to your body, are pretty good at making you fatter!

There are so many places you can end up dinking alcohol, but if you are concerned about your weight, then you need to follow some of the tips below to cut down on your alcohol intake:

a) Ask for low-calorie drinks or non-alcoholic beverages; if neither is available, then ask for plain water!

b) Ask for low-calorie mixers with sprits.

c) Cut down on your daily food intake, but make sure that you eat enough to keep yourself healthy! Cutting down drastically on your food intake or worse, starving in order to make room for the alcoholic calories is not a very good idea at all!

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